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pyramid people   At a lake or sea shore, running around the beach with old children, who are my age, now but also a long time ago. I am running around the beach but also paddling around the surf in a plastic fishing kayak. Colors start flying through the air and i feel threatened by someone in the water who is floa... more
Chased   I had a dream where I was being chased by a demon. He came after me, trying to possess me, but before he got me, I woke up. This dream has happened twice.... more
3/11/11 Dream   I was in the bed and house where I was sleeping and woke up and things not right with the house. floors were cracked and toilets/sinks missing and water coming up from the ground where the toilets had been taken out. Water was seeping up through cracks in the floor. I walked from room to room and t... more
Aimee?   The memorable part of my dream last night was that I ran into my childhood friend Aimee K. Her hair was different, but we immediately recognized each other. She looked beautiful and full of life. It was as if no time had passed... we were cracking each other up right off the bat. There were ot... more