The Fleeing Amputee   I am running wildly in darkness. The environment
seems to be some sort of institution, complete
with cold cement walls, floors, etc. With no
direct evidence, I have the distinct feeling I'm
being chased by something less than friendly. I
notice my left arm has been amputated, but I
don't mind this at all. The feeling of missing
an arm is more familiar than foreign, and it
doesn't hinder my ability to run away from
whatever it is that's following me. I come upon
a small lake bisecting my path. I try crossing
it instead of turning to face my pursuer, but
end up floundering and beating at the water. I
should have realized attempting to swim with one
arm was a ridiculous idea. Then I'm rudely woken
by my cat poking me. (2001-12-26)
posted by entweichen on 2001-12-26
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