the bombing of dresden   on a beach, for some reason my personal
belongings are all in the sand. start to walk
off, notice water.. ask a passerby on a dock 'is
the tide coming in?'

'uhm.. looks like.. well, which way is the
water heading?'

'oh, ok.. it's going out' start to continue
walking, notice more water. turn to look back, a
large wall of water, nearly 30 ft, coming in to
shore. 'no, wait, it's coming in'. shit.. so much
for my stuff. water sweeps by, grab onto the dock
and hold on. large waves keep sweeping by..
unbreaking, they keep traveling onto the land.
pull myself up.. to find i'm on a ledge, second
story, of an ornate building. white concrete,
columns, decorative adornments. looking out,
there's and old town.. everything's a little
sepia toned from the setting sun and dust kicked
up by the wind. pull out a little box, size of a
pack of cards, hold outward, and sqeeze to take a
picture. feel something inside the box give..
shake it violently, and the outside crumbles like
mud to reveal a metal plate. picture isn't ready
to appear just yet. look back out at the town,
seems historic. notice shots being fired. there's
a battle going on.. back away from the edge
towards the building.. the ledge is about 3 feet
wide. propeller planes are diving, dropping bombs
all around. there's a radio announcer saying
something inaudible. realize that this is
dresden. a bomb lands on the ledge nearby,
untriggered. slightly larger than a grenade,
weathered bronze colored. small 'nipple' on the
dome, fins in back. not sure if it was supposed
to be impact or timed, roll it off the ledge.
wait for a blast that doesn't come. now the
attackers spot me.. another bomb. push that off,
this time an explosion rocks the building. from
the ground comes a volley of bullets, but the
angle isn't right.. can hug the ledge and not be
hit. then other various methods: a man dangling
from a passing plane is shooting, another throws
a grenade, misses. a third, on a jetpack, rises
from below.. seems chimeric: part human, part
animal. snarls but keeps on going. apparently
they're spending too much time trying to get at
me. (2002-01-07)
posted by shi10 on 2002-01-07
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