drugs and heights don't mix   we park in an open air parking garage, dusk. a
handful of various friends, makeup of the group
changing like the people keep swapping. we go to
exit.. realize the ground floor is many levels
down. get fed up b/c they're taking so long and
complaining, run ahead. bunch of young kids,
early teens, running down the staris. get to the
bottom, go out.. travel park with drop off lanes,
parking lot, terminal building. cloudy and
somewhat wet. have to find a bus to the transfer
point, and then to the destination. go to the
building. seems to be an event going on.. realize
it's some sort of high school reunion: people are
gathered in line in front of these two doors,
waiting to get in. see one guy in a wheelchair,
for a second he appears to be someone familiar.
ask one of the administrators if they know where
to catch the trolley (it's free). they don't
know, but they direct me to a counter across the
terminal. seems to be a post office, go wait in
line. for some reason, one lady in front of me
hands me $10. seem to be many middle-aged women
doing errands around. one in line is very
flirtatious. arrive to the teller, she's handing
out someone's change. she gives me a $90 bill.
feeling somewhat nauseous and dizzy, hungry. put
the bill in my mouth in an attempt to abate it.
the teller takes some packages, gets them labeled
to be sent.
'oh, sorry.. i need delivery
confirmation on them.' she says it's ok and puts
the labels on. she tallies everything together, i
take the bill out of my mouth to find half the
ink is faded/disappeared, and it's sopping wet.
she says she can give me $60 credit for it, which
is fair. get my change, ask her about something
postal, starting to feel a little better. she
remarks on the central processing facility, in
C*. tell her i used to work there, she says b.
r., and old manager, is now doing financial
services for the bank next door.
'no shit?
i'll be damned.' turn to see her there.. not
exactly too psyched to see her, but go over and
greet her. she apparently is heading where i am,
and we walk down a hall and open a door. seem to
be passing through a locker room off the high
school reunion. b.r. heads off to assumingly get
it on with a young guy. short, swarthy guy with a
shaved head comes over, hovers around somewhat
menacingly. don't find him too threatening,
ignore. seem to recognize someone, realize it's
his younger brother, ask him how his brother's
doing. he's talking when someone grabs me from
behind and tries to shift me, pretty
ineffectively. seems somewhat aggressive, but
again, not extremely threatening. stumble into a
shower stream, get wet. realize it's someone i
got in a fight with in h.s., think it's amusing
that he's going out of his way to be obnoxious,
but shrug him off and head out a door. passing
through a large club/park. water all around,
fountains and pools. club hoochies acting
extremely sexual, but everyone seems to have
their clothes on at the moment. get through this
area, arrive back at a gym, still seems to be a
party going on. look around, see two blonde
girls, dressed in baggy pants/tight
shirt/sneakers and a guy, somewhat hippyish
looking. they're on the 'bleachers' doing some
white substance out of a large vial.
the 'bleachers' are big canvas covered
foam 'steps' at the bottom.. further up they
become little more than 2x4's covered with foam &
plastic that extend from the cinderblock. very
steep grade, almost ladderlike. carefully
climbing the lower levels, notice a grainy powder
on the canvas occasionally. taste it.. not too
unpleasant, makes me extremely lightheaded for a
moment, dissociative. the girls & guy look down..

'it's ghb, try some?' shake my head in the
negative. the spilt powder is sliding down the
canvas and falling down my sleeve as i climb..
building up quite a reserve. reach them, one girl
heads out. the other one starts talking, she's
expressing concern that this'll show up on a
test. i'm still somewhat lightheaded, she does a
monstrous bump and is *gone*.. hands the vial to
me as she slumps back. i try to get the cap on,
seems the threads are worn down/off. few seconds
later she starts coming back.. she and i start
talking, nothing too interesting, but not really
boring either. the girl, guy, and i move up to
the 2x4 area of the bleachers, and continue
talking. notice she's right next to a gap.. go to
say something, but she's getting indignant at the
hippyish guy and slides off.. we watch mortified
as she falls about 30 ft, lands on her back.
still relatively foggy, i carefully make my way
down, mindful of the few grams of powder in my
sleeve's elbow, and the vial (which for fear of
spilling is in my hand). go over, only one girl's
really paying attention to her.. everyone else
noticed, but are continuing doing their thing.
the girl is trying to help her up..
don't move her head.. sally, try not to move your
head' she does so anyway, without too much
visible harm. she asks what happened, explain it
to her. she focuses and seems almost perfectly
normal. security comes over.
'i think she was
limp when she fell.. she seems ok.'
pupils are dialated.. we'd better get her to
first aid'
resisting the urge to say 'of
course her pupils are dialated,
jackass'. wait in the hall, she's out in a
few minutes.
'you alright?'
'yeah, i think
so.. i feel good, anyway'
'that was severely
fucked up ;D'
'wait.. i didn't come here with
you, did i?'
'nah, i got here towards the
she seems kind of embarassed about
everything. we walk outside, morning. walk down
the street to catch a bus.
posted by shi10 on 2002-01-07
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