Steak: Overdone   I am preping my room for a visit from P.J. I
want it clean if I'm going to be having sex
anytime soon.

I'm also hungry, so I step out to the kitchen
adjacent to my room and grab a steak, which
has been put in a plastic Glad-Ware Steak
Broiler Kit (TM) for oven ease.

I look around and ask V, J, and possible even
S (what he would know about steaks I have
NO IDEA, but I had the impression he was
there and judging me on my food choice) if it
was safe to put this in the oven.

Someone tells me that I'm being stupid. OF
COURSE its dafe. That's what they are

I season it throught the plastic slits and take it
into my room, where I turn the broiler under my
bed on and put the steak in.

After a bit more cleaning I become aware that
its REALLY WARM in the room and I turn to
see the broiler smoking.

I open it up and smoke belches forth, the
plastic has melted and the grease has
causght fire.

I can see the orange glow of flame from under
the comforter, and throw back the covers to
see my bed is glowing like coals on the far

'That's it,' I think. 'I'll never get laid now.' (2002-01-01)
posted by coxmage on 2002-01-01
fire meat sex anxiety Recurring character nightmare
the Freudian interpretation The flaming, hot bed and the steak are simply too
sexual to ignore. ;)
- yzzordorex on 2002-01-09
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