drill   I'm in a coastal city. Tall buildings near a sandy beach. I walk around the streets for a while - they're cobblestone - before going in to one of the buildings. I go up and down a lot of stairs. I find my apartment and go in, ascending a narrow glass staircase. The walls are glass as well, and I can see other tenants. I watch a woman choke to death through the stairs.

Outside on the beach. There is a tan blanket spread on the sand, and clothing strewn about. Apparently a large family is out in the water. I seem to be with them. There are two golden retrievers, too. They come out of the water and lay in the sand near the blanket. It is very dark, almost as though something was eclipsing the sun. I walk a few yards away from the blanket and see a rock that glows orange. I bend close to it, inspecting. I pick it up and point it at the water. A small circle of light is reflected back at me from the waves. I'm wondering what this is all about as the family emerges from the water. A blonde woman sits down on top of my clothes. Irritated, I pull them out from under her and walk away. Looking back, I see one of the dogs licking at the blonde's bikini and then my father is there, sort of pawing at her and then he pushes her down in the sand and they start to fuck.

I'm in an elevator type thing descending through the water at enormous speed. It stops, doors clang open, I step out into the depths of a military ship. I am an important man, but it is more like I'm a ghost hovering around him (me) watching his (my) actions. He looks at various instruments and gauges - they all read 107 and this unnerves him (me). People are looking for him. Two children are about. I see one, a boy, through a window in a door. He moves away
from the window and blood covers it, jetting with great force from some unseen opened artery. I need to hide. A young girl carrying a drill approaches me (him).

I don't remember any more. (2002-01-23)
posted by yzzordorex on 2002-01-23
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