he shot me   I'm with a number of friends at a hot spring in the mountains. Adam is there, and is upset about something. He repeatedly goes off by himself. I ask what the matter is and he says 'Everything.' The pools are filled with mud instead of water. It is very dark. I get in one of the pools and soak for a while, having some lazy conversation with the others there. I can't see anything. I get out of the pool and my left knee is misshapen. It is a strange, dark, vaginal looking wound.

I go out into the forest exploring. I come to a winding path along steep cliffs, an autumnal valley below. Intimidated by the narrowness of the path, I turn back the way I came. The path is suddenly covered with snakes, all different kinds. I have to jump over a stretch of path about 15 feet long to make it to safety.

I walk the in the opposite direction as I had been going, and I come to a long, high chain link fence. On the other side there are several widely spaced very tall trees. Two koala bears are playing in the top branches of the nearest one. A little further away are about six bison or some sort of creature and twice as many men with rifles. I scream and frighten the animals away. The men angrily advance toward me. They threaten me from the other side of the fence. One climbs it and comes over to my side. He puts his rifle away and draws a revolver. I scream at him
repeatedly to get off my land. He continues walking toward me, menacingly. I don't flinch away in spite of the fact that he's aiming this gun at me. I keep yelling, 'Get the FUCK off my property!' He shoots me. The bullet tears through my left shoulder. I see a clean, large hole. He realizes what he's done and runs away.

I make my way through the woods to a house that belongs to me and my mother. I'm writing down what has happened because I can't speak for some reason. She's reading as I write, and she gets angry at me instead of being concerned. I look for my bullet wound, but it's gone and I'm not sure if he really shot me or not anymore. (2002-01-24)
posted by yzzordorex on 2002-01-24
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