This Entry Graphically Sexual In Nature   Sitting in my room at home, I am dismayed when my lights begin to fall. First the string of white
xmas lights comes undone and falls from the ceiling. Then the central light fixture itself crashes
down, nearly onto my head. I take up the fixture, which is hanging from a hole in the ceiling by
its electrical cord. I unscrew one of the light bulbs and the socket is suddenly a garden hose,
spraying water all over me. I am horrified at the thought of being electrocuted, and throw the
enitre works aside.

An electrician is called in to deal with the problem. He says he'll have to call a plumber to work
with him, but doesn't know any good plumbers in Mount Vernon (apparently this is New York).
He says the repairs will take several days and we should all leave the house in the mean

I find a place to stay, courtesy of one of my acquaintences from work. She is a voluptuous latina
with a wicked smile. We go to her family's house. She leads me to a library that is two stories
high, with a mezzanine above us. It is pitch black, apart from the center of the room, which is lit
by some unknown light source. Her family descends from above. There are dozens of them, of
all ages. They all have a vaguely creepy look to them. Intense eyes. I am slightly taken aback
but unafraid.

I am told that to stay there I must be part of their family. They strike up some music, and
everyone begins dancing. I have no idea how to do this dance, but my latina friend has such
an enticing look in her eyes that I smile and shrug, and begin to dance with her. As I have no
clue about the footwork, I am making a fool of myself. Still, I am unembarrassed. She pulls me in
tight with warm hands. I am looking straight into her deep brown eyes. She becomes suddenly
very grave in expression. Her smile disappears. Then I notice her and I are standing there
naked and on the verge of sex. Her family has stopped the dance, and is gathered around
watching, but the music still plays. We are in the center of the room, a warm light on us from
above. Her smooth body has me incredibly aroused. In the space of a sigh, I could enter her,
we are so close together. Somehow I manage to remain calm and reserved through all of

She asks me to reach down and touch her, which I do happily and obligingly. Her skin is warm
and lovely, and there is a ritual to what we are doing that makes it feel right, despite the
oddness of everything. Then she whispers in my ear and asks me to fuck her, to which I slowly
shake my head and refuse, still holding her very close.

She tells me that she would have been insulted if I refused her first request, but by refusing the
second request I have passed her test. We both smile. (2002-01-26)
posted by thevisionthing on 2002-01-26
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