matthew broderick's birthday party   Lying in a bed with my mother. It is incredibly hot. I throw the blankets off. I think I'm sick with a fever. I open my eyes and see a fire raging just outside the door. Firemen are there, trying to control it. One keeps coming in the roomand he has a deep, bloody horizontal gash across his face, from ear to ear, across the bridge of his nose. He dies in the fire. The others finally get it put out.

I go to a party. Everything is blue and cement. There are signs and balloons everywhere, saying 'Happy Birthday Matthew'. It is Matthew Broderick's birthday party. I sit at a table with Chris and Matthew Broderick comes over and says hi. Chris doesn't respond to him. M gets offended and goes away. Chris asks me, 'Did you know that Matt (K.) hit on me?' He shows me a letter that Matt had written to him, asking about his 'stiff rod' and packed with other sexual references. I'm rather shocked, but find it funny. (2002-02-06)
posted by yzzordorex on 2002-02-06
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