rinse and repeat   I am in a large ranch style house on a beach. I can see the sand and ocean through large glass doors. The ocean rushes out, away from the beach and a tidal wave builds and I watch it come in, but wake before it crashes over the house. I go back to sleep, and dream the same thing over again.

Did this four or five times. (2002-02-09)
posted by yzzordorex on 2002-02-09
beach glass ocean sand tsunami water Recurring event lucid
rinse and repeat Most of my dreams are water related, and almost
all of those are reacurring. The tidal wave
happens a lot in my dreams. I am normally calmed
by water. It makes me feel content and in most
situations the beach, or water in general seems
to bring out a free spirited feeling. The tidal
wave, on theother hand, brings a feeling of
panic, a sense of doom. I usually wake up before
the wave hits me, and when I do I am pale and
covered with sweat. I don't know if thats what
you feel my darling, but I know I always dread
that ending.
- blue on 2002-02-12
tsunami... through my entire life i have been having
recurring tidal wave dreams. im usually in the
ocean anckle deep and then all the water
recedes. then out on the horizon the tidal
wave starts coming. then i am swept up to the
top of the wave. it crashes but leaves me way
up in the air to fall miles to the ground landing
in the shallow water. i usually dream about
that when i have anxiety or fear about
- plasmOtron on 2002-02-12
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