Feel like a fish.   I am naked, floating on my back in pool. It is
night time and the stars are overwhelming. They
make me feel dizzy and then I realize I am slowly
turning in circle. The water gets colder and I
feel as if I am being sucked down in some sort of
whirl pool. I spin faster and faster but I don't
fight it, I just let it take me. I close my
eyes to avoid getting any more dizzy and then I
stop moving. I open my eyes and the water is a
royal blue color and I realize that I am in the
ocean. I am swimming on the bottom of the ocean.
I am taking huge long strokes and I keep thinking
this is what it must feel like to be a fish.

When I woke up I was sad that I couldn't have
stayed asleep. I even tried to think of it again
and fall back asleep but it didn't happen. (2002-02-11)
posted by blue on 2002-02-11
naked water whirl pool Recurring place
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