in a plane above an island   I'm in a multi level swimming pool and there is some threat of danger, I'm not sure what it is though. There are labyrinthine halls and chambers all around. I get out of the water and open a rusted metal door. Inside a room made entirely of cement - old, stained cement - is a girl in a bathrobe crying. around the corner is a door leading outside. I go out, and find myself next to another (more normal) swimming pool. Around the corner is a table of wares, people selling jewelry and handmade bags and stuff. Joey is there, and he shows me a bag and a ring he's bought for the girl in the room and I'm sad for him because I know she won't take them, even though they are very beautiful. I walk around the corner and I'm in an enormous city, towering buildings all around. Walking down an alley with Chris. He tells me about coming down here to sit instead of going to class in high school. A giant fly lands atop the building we're walking toward and rolls out these strange protrubances from its head. They're black, three-pronged.... things. It clamps them together and makes a horribly loud sound. It is calling something, some other creature... We run and

suddenly I'm in a plane, impossibly high up. I see a vast ocean and land, I see the curve of the earth, I see the sun's light shimmering on water, and the degree of the angle from which it widens... I see an island with a castle on it, and it biscets the sun's light and I see the same angle, I marvel at the geometry so apparent. The pilot flies lower, circling in on the island. As we get closer, I can see parts of the castle towers glowing red as if the stone were lit from the inside. I hear the plane's engine. I can't speak because it is too loud. The side of the plane is open. I'm looking out as we circle lower and lower. I see people on the tiny island, a driveway, a garage and a boat house. We get down to about ten feet above the tip of the tallest tower when the pilot cuts the engine, and asks someone on the ground below a question. Directions, maybe. I'm terrified that we will crash into the water. I jump out of the plane and land in the gravel driveway. Two girls are nearby - high school age. In fact, I knew one of them from school. Thea and someone else. They are gawking at the pilot and one of them says something like 'Oh, my god! George Bush is SO HANDSOME!' and I say 'But he's 70 years old!' even though I know he's only in his fifties. (2002-02-23)
posted by yzzordorex on 2002-02-23
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