she is me   Watching a movie about some teenagers killing a girl. People ask me, Have you seen this? and I say Not all the way. And they look at me like I simply HAVE to see this film. I'm watching and it is really horriffic.

Then I am watching the film from inside it. The girl is bald now (all her hair has been burned off) and she has scribbly lines tattooed all over her. She is outside a window, in the woods, running from some guys with a gun and I follow her out to this ledge and she scrambles over it to get away from this guy and she falls. I can see from far above where I really am, and she falls from so impossibly high, at least 100 stories and I hear her scream the whole way down. She lands in the middle of a football field. She lands on her shoulders and I see them break from the impact, she is horribly twisted, but not dead.

She drags herself away to a beach, drags herself down the beach through all these bizarrely arranged toys in the sand. Little statues, figures, arranges in military marching order. She is in the water, and I am her, and I try to get back out again but the beach rears up at a steep angle and a humpty dumpty figure laughingly falls toward me.

I woke up then, and went back to sleep.

Back in the woods running from these malevolent killer teenagers. One has a gun but it doesn't fire bullets... some small poison sliver that will first paralyze then kill hours later. I round a corner and hide in a pile of straw when someone grabs my ankles and drags me out. Two of them are there, arguing about what to do exactly and one says No, don't shoot her yet and then keeps repeating it like a skipping record. I back away and keep running. (2002-03-13)
posted by yzzordorex on 2002-03-13
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