hawaii   I'm on a plane to hawaii. It is a nine hour flight, and I have to meet my mother there for something. I finally arrive and am in the lobby of this hotel. I go into an empty room looking for a phone to call the airline. The room has not been cleaned. There are twisted sheets on the floor, a large aluminum baking pan with a giant cake of soap in it sits on the floor. I realize that I had bought a return ticket for the next day because my mother hadn't gotten me a return ticket. Then it turns out that I have two tickets and I don't want to leave the next day, I want to stay longer.

I spend most of this dream in the hotel lobby on the phone misdialing the airline. Chris becomes annoyed with waiting for me and goes off elsewhere. He has to go back on Wednesday because his mother is having a baby. Finally I get everything worked out and go outside. The hotel lobby was huge floor to ceiling glass windows looking out on a tiny stretch of sand and rolling waves that came up almost to the building.

I'm walking through grass and there is a swing and a tree and the color is all wrong, the girl swinging changes color every time I blink and the color bleeds out into the air around her. I keep walking, come to a stream and a field. Water rushes up the stream. Someone walks by me and says 'Don 't go in there now, it's urine' and the water is a dark yellow color and stinks. Finally Chris and I are walking toward the ocean and I wake up. (2001-11-26)
posted by yzzordorex on 2001-11-26
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