river   Megan calls me and I need to tell her something but she keeps talking about herself. We are not really conversing on the telephone, but rather some sort of IM thing. I hang up on her, then feel bad, but I cannot call her back.

Packing boxes.

Kneeling at the edge of a stream that becomes a switfly moving river a bit further away. The river flows down a hill and accumulates into a large pool before flowing on. I kneel with a young girl. I look down to the pool and see large dinosaur/dragon/sea monsters meeting there. Eventually there are so many that the pool begins to overflow in a different direction than the river was already flowing. A line of sea monsters leaves the pool via this stream, which actually flows uphill, upstream.

I walk away with the mother of the young girl I was with earlier. I am at her house with C. She and her husband serve us dinner, but C. does not want to eat. He excuses himself and goes to his room. The woman insists upon giving him wine and pours it into a large frosted glass. It looks like olive oil with droplets of red wine vinegar suspended in it.

I am on a hill with a giant, towering black obelisk. Tourists flock around and are climbing up the monument. I sit in the grass and a blonde girl approaches me and I know that I know her but I cannot remember her name. I say Good to see you! It has been a long time! and she returns the greeting and waits, but I can not remember who she is and finally have to ask. She is offended and leaves with a blond man. (2002-03-18)
posted by yzzordorex on 2002-03-18
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