pus   My eye is horribly infected. There is a deep, deep cavity toward the bridge of my nose, and it is full of white pasty pus. I dig some out, am revolted, and decide to forget about it because no one else can see it.

Shift. Walking down a steep hill, I keep dropping stuff I'm carrying, I'm behind a bunch of men that i dont want to notice me, but they do. I run, separate from my body, am watching a woman who looks like cameron diaz be chased down and raped on a grassy hill in twilight.

Shift. In the gift shop at the Whitney, milling around. I kind of have to urinate. Something about a poster. There's a long hall, a restaurant full of mobster types, I see someone i'm looking for. Matt/Danny.. we are on the floor in some large room, he's laying on his back, I'm sitting on him. Split from my body again and I'm watching this guy (who is now more like Danny) have sex with the cameron diaz woman. More, but I dont remember. It was circular, I ended up running down the hill away from the guys again. Something about kelly and sean. (2001-06-15)
posted by yzzordorex on 2001-06-15
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