public restrooms   I'm in a dark, high-ceilinged room. I'm crouched in the corner on a waterbed. There are others there, but I can't see them.

I'm with Laura Palmer, running. We are in some huge public building, something like an airport, a little like the capital building in Denver. We run into a restroom, one of those that is a loop, and we run around and around and I can feel her terror rising. She's afraid of someone hiding in a stall. There is no one there but us.

We finally run out into a long corridor with pay phones and benches in the center. I calm her down, kiss her. She's crying. I leave her there.

I'm in a room filling with water. I'm with an androgynous boy, blonde, can't speak. I kiss him and he dies. I kiss him again and leave him floating in the water.

'm running with Laura again. We enter a vast hall, gilt ornate carvings. In one corner images flicker on the wall... stringy, webbbed, fleshy. Some people sit on an old velvet couch watching.

We run out of the room, terrified, still running. (2000-09-18)
posted by yzzordorex on 2000-09-18
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