the chair   running from my mother in a hospital/mall. stairs. running. lots of water. it is dark. In a fountain that becomes a pond, becomes a lake, gliding on water. Men, boys around. Air of tension, they tease me maybe?

Long dirt road, forest on either side. Tall thin trees. No leaves. A line of cars along one side of the road. Between cars, no one around, I slash this boy that looks like Moltar until there is little left of his chest. I see it happening from a distance, watching myself, removed. Dragging the body through the woods, wrapped in a clear plastic shower curtain, so much blood, and i can hear myself breathing heavily.

I decide somehow to frame Lori for it (but her name is Laura) and then change my mind and have to undo whatever it is that I did, but she gets caught anyway, and she is me, and we get the chair. (2001-02-06)
posted by yzzordorex on 2001-02-06
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