cocaine   I am in a huge run down public restroom. The floors are pink tile, the stalls a darker shade of pink. There are broken light fixtures hanging from the ceiling, a sputtering buzzing fluorescent bulb illiuminates the room. There is water dripping from a faucet. Broken porcelain rubble is strewn about, the tiles are

I take a little vial out of my pocket and snort some coke. I leave the bathroom and walk into a very large hotel room. It is empty. There was a girl there before that I knew, and she was supposed to stay but she ran away and took all of my stuff. I sit on a bare mattress. Megan comes in. She seems wound up, strung out. I offer some coke. She does a little, and goes outside.

Something about driving, a fast food drive-thru, my mother, more driving. Some rain. Back at the hotel room some football players have moved in and are fucking around with the TV. (2002-03-29)
posted by yzzordorex on 2002-03-29
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