horseheaded orgy   I walk into an empty victorian house. It is very
dark and dusty. The sun light breaks thru the
cracks in the curtains shooting out little
beams of light onto the floor. There is sound
coming from underneath the house. Bangs
and thumps. It grows loud and the floor
boards begin to quiver. I walk over to the
center of the floor and there is a small window
in the floor.
the sounds get very very loud. I can now hear
screaming, skin slapping. Curiously I look
thru the window and see a room filled with
naked people. The walls and floor are oozing
and sticky. Some of the people are just rolling
around on the floor in this red goo
masturbating and screaming. Another
woman is going down on a man with two
heads. The figure in the middle of the room
was a huge androgynous person. It wore a
cape, was covered with scars from head to
toe, and had a huge horsehead. It was
bucking all around the room with its cape
flailing behind it.
I felt sick and stood up to turn and run. As I
turn around i am surrounded by horseheaded
naked people who begin screaming and
fucking in front of me. I can't escape. I vomit
blood. (2002-04-03)
posted by plasmOtron on 2002-04-03
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