snakes   I'm in an apartment doing some work for Kelly and Sean. Sean and I get really angry at each other for some reason, and I go off into a bathroom alone to fume. I giant black beetle scuttles into a hole in the wall.

Then I am in a junkyard. It is sort of twilight, dark. Something about a race, a play, a lie, Matt is there and he's dead, he takes me away with him down some steep hill and then we are in a house again.

There are two snakes twined together on the floor. One slithers away. Matt catches it, holds it by the neck and it's mouth is gaping open, fangs sticking out, spraying venom. I'm trying to take it from him to throw it out the window or something but he won't let go, and he says the venom is burning so he drops it. Now it is really angry. I go over to where the other snake is but it is just an empty skin lying on the floor. I hear hissing, and look over to see the other snake about to attack Seven. It lunges for her face, bites her, she tries to back away but its fangs are buried in her snout. She finally frees herself and I grab the snake but one of its fangs has broken off in her flesh. (2002-04-11)
posted by yzzordorex on 2002-04-11
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