waterslide and pregnacy   I was trying to beat a world record or something
on a huge waterslide. I had to make it to the
bottom with out physically moving my body (?).
It took three hours for gravity to actually
start pulling me down the waterslide and there
was another spot where I stopped and had to
wait. I finally made it to the bottom to great
cheering. The funny part of this is that my
parents were there and my father said 'what the
fuck?' in front of my mom. It was only then that
I realized something wasn't quite right with the
whole world-record waterslide scenario and woke

I also dreamed that I was pregnant.
All I remember is telling a friend 'the next
time I start to brag about my boobs getting
larger remind me to take a pregnancy test
first.' I don't think this was a traumatic dream
or anything... it seems to me it was more of a
posted by pazzoide on 2001-10-13
boobs pregnancy waterslide Recurring place lucid nightmare
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