breadbox and gameshow host   i had a dream about a fence that was breaking, so
the neighbors called up their fence company in
place of ours and put things into the breadbox
across the short portion of the fence.
Apparently, the box was made to exchange foods
and goods and bring either of our families more
variety. However, I had put bundles of sticks in
their breadbox, and they had placed a rotting
carcass in mine. I brought it into the house.
The hot tub was beneathe a gameshow host 's
fountain, but he was out of town, and so we had
no caretaker. The pineneedle fence was beginning
to rot, and everything crashed down on the new
tree while I attempted to race a pop star figure
to the top. Old mom came out the back porch and
told us to get inside before 'the emergency ', and
the top corner of the bathroom was beginning to
bleed fire. the fence outside was comin more and
more undone. we tried to save the entire thing
with wooden clothespins, but it didn 't take
well. everything was quite damp.

posted by Cassidy on 2001-11-26
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