fire   I'm in a tall building that is on fire. I'm with someone else, not sure who, and we're trying to save things. I find a rabbit and put it in a box with other stuff that I'm saving. It's hot and the air is filled with smoke. I continue running around, putting more stuff in the box. The building is moving in a square pattern: left, up, right, down. Things happen, I don't remember, and then I can't find the rabbit.

I'm in a large auditorium in the burning building. There are a handful of other people there. ...don't remember... something about pebbles in my pocket. Then I'm flying outside over water and the building, still moving in the square pattern, rocks around, large square flat rocks. I'm supposed to save someone's pets, and I can't touch the ground. I get one cat, take it to a stone alcove in a stone wall that surrounds all of this water. I put it where I think it will be safe and turn around and see another cat hanging on to the top of the wall with its paws, blood spraying out of its mouth and throat, panic in its eyes, then it falls from the wall.

Then I'm in an alley behind the burning building and a hotel. There are giant newspapers lined up on the hill behind the hotel. It is cold and bright.

I kept waking up sporadically, thinking I have to find the rabbit and then I'd fall asleep again. (2002-05-01)
posted by yzzordorex on 2002-05-01
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