vacation   In a city at dusk. Tall buildings, flashing billboards, a giant egyptian bust of Ramses is a building across the river, and the river reminds me of the Seine with walkways on either side of the water.

At a table, some tourists are fighting over a staff and some magician is screaming at the head of the group, a fat man in a t-shirt, shorts and sandals. The magician, who also looks like Ramses, points his staff at the man and he flies across the way, a table overturns, people scatter.

Everything is revolving. I enter a circular building looking for the staff, and I'm afraid because I know I'm not supposed to be there. I see the staff, the building revolves faster, it begins to roll away from me down the sloping floor toward another door into the center of the building. I hear someone coming, and run.

Somehow now I'm in a classroom.... the walls are water... there is an escalator in back, a lone boy sitting in the front row of desks in the room, a teacher at the head of the room behind a large desk. I sit in the back.

Then I'm flying, looking down at a map/the earth and calculating the distance to where I want to go for a vacation and now it is doable as I am much closer. I land at a beach and go into a hotel that is almost empty. The woman at the front desk is telling a maid that everyone left because someone found a foot and some genitals in a bed. I rent a room, go to it. Chris joins me later, and a tiny woman who doesn't speak
english is there as well. I think she is going
to take care of our pets while we are away, and we will be away for a long time. 150 days. (2002-05-04)
posted by yzzordorex on 2002-05-04
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