guests and waterslide   I had just moved into my apartment, but
unfortunately had not really *moved* anything.
I was sleeping there, though (on the floor).
Funny enough, Chris M. from NHSMUN was also
there sleeping on his way to somewhere

In the middle of the night there was a knock at
the door. The entire gang from Charleston had
come to visit (Kris, Shawna, Molly, Christina,
Tiff, Corine, and other misc. people). I
absolutely panicked. I was thinking about my
empty cabinets- how I had no food to serve, no
plates to serve it on, and how I had no bedding
whatsoever. I'm not sure if I was expecting
them or not, but if so it wasn't until later the
next day.

I went to get the vacuum cleaner because I
realized that if everyone was going to sleep on
the floor I'd better do an initial vacuum.
Everyone had almost gone to sleep at this point
and I woke everyone up. Embrassed, I explained
that I had never vacuumed after moving in and
that there were p-nuts on the floor that were
from the previous occupant.

I spent the night concocting an extensive plan
on how get everything bought/done needed to be a
decent host. But when I woke up Christina went
over the groups' plan. There wouldn't be time
to buy supplies or anything. I was pretty rude
about the whole thing and insisted that before
we start I at least needed to go to YMCA to see
the nurse (My arthritis was bothering me).
Everyone waited outside while I went in, but the
nurse wasn't there.

We all went to a waterslide (recurring thing).
I struggled to make it up the stairs with my
joints. When I got to the top they asked me to
take two balloons (again, recurring thing) from
a platform that was filled with balloons (I
chose a gold one and another colored one). I
instructed was to hold them above my head
like 'personality' and not to hold onto the
edges of the slide. The slide itself was ridged
like a ladder. I cheated and put my armpit on
the edge of the slide. I also closed my eyes.
When I got to the bottom I remember thinking
about how I could hardly tell the ride was
posted by pazzoide on 2002-05-05
balloon guests waterslide Recurring place lucid nightmare
recurring elements Balloons, according to some, signify trivial
disappointments and frustration. Dreaming of a
water slide indicates a sense of instability in
some real life situation. Water tends to
represent one's emotions and spiritual life.
- yzzordorex on 2002-05-08
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