interdimensional portal   I am in a large room, huge room in an apartment. Dark gray carpet. No furniture. An undulating hole in the wall/floor. A few people sleeping on the floor close together. They are my family, though I don't recognize any of them. I try to lay down and go to sleep but I keep getting freaked out by something. The others sleeping are deteriorating, wasting away, covered in a hard clear crystalline, weblike substance.

I leave the room, go into another place. The portal is spilling creatures... my cat, a horse, people from my past... but there is something wrong with all of them; they are not quite right: some skin not closed, fingers backwards, blackness in eyes, etc. I run away from the portal, from a cat, to a dressing table at the other end of this large, dark room. I sit down and look in the mirror. My eyes are white; no iris, no pupil. I pull out four teeth, from the lower left side of my mouth. I put them in a cup on the table.

Into another room. Stephanie is there. She's wearing a half-shirt, and she looks fantastic,
chiseled abdominal muscles. We go outside and sit on a grassy hill. There is water lapping at our feet from a lake that has overflowed. The ground is spongy and soaked with water. We go back inside, it's time to leave and Paul, Steph's brother, is getting the truck ready. Something is wrong, though, and I don't know what. I don't feel safe.

Jerry is there. I see him in the bathroom, hug him because it has been ten years since I last saw him. He looks sad, then his eyes turn black and he spits my teeth at me. (2002-05-14)
posted by yzzordorex on 2002-05-14
cat eyes family old friend teeth water Recurring place lucid nightmare
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