film   I'm in a city at night. It looks like the area around the south street seaport. I go into an old building. There's a party there. I walk from floor to floor, up and down stairs, past smoky rooms full of people, dimly lit rooms, dirty mattress on the floor, people leaning against the waterstained wall speaking in low voices.

I walk into a bright room, green walls, a column of water in the center, white couch on the right. I sit down. Take out my camera and rewind the roll of film inside. The wall opposite me is now floor to ceiling windows. The sun is rising. I realize that I didn't advance the film, so everything I shot was on the same frame.

I pull the film away from the reel and look at it, and everything was exposed correctly in spite of this, but the act of pulling the film out as the sun is rising exposes everything and I watch the images blacken in my hands. (2002-05-28)
posted by yzzordorex on 2002-05-28
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