sitting in the road   This was really, really long. I only remember parts of it.

I'm sitting in the middle of the road in front of my mother's house with a lot of stuff - newspapers, bags, just junk. She arrives home, I go inside. She is not alone. There is a woman and a teenage girl with her. I hide behind the kitchen door and listen to them. I come out, go back outside and the bushes lining the left side of the yard are now trees and its snowing
hard. More stuff happens, but I don't remember. Next I'm in a bathroom stall and the toilet is near overflowing. I try to flush it, but the glop just spins in a slow circle. I'm looking at a computer terminal with IRC on the screen. Jason says hello to me. I say hello back and then some intrigue in the surrounding room prompts me to leave my stall. There are about fifteen other people in other stalls all in IRC. The network has gone down, and everyone is staring at the ceiling. Somehow it gets fixed. I go back into my stall and try to flush the toilet. There is an air of threat now, why I don't know. There is also a huge bloody pad atop the mess in the toilet that wasn't there before. I crawl out of my stall and get outside. I jump from a balcony several stories up and fly down a green, grassy hill that is covered with scattered water sources. Water roils over the grass in places, turbulent and powerful. The filth from the toilet is sitting at one of the water sources, and as I notice it a great surge of water washes it away.

More stuff happened after that, but I don't remember. (2001-11-27)
posted by yzzordorex on 2001-11-27
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