rag doll   I'm in college at SLC, senior year maybe, I live in a trailer type of thing and I'm dating three guys: AP, CB, and someone else. I leave both AP and CB at the end of the year (not sure who the third man is), and AP comes into my room tearfully... he's covered in blood and pleading with me, hands me a piece of paper with OWLRUS scrawled on it. Then he's fine, and sleeping on the floor. I go outside. It's dark, there's a lake nearby, I'm in a wooded area kind of like a camping ground. There are other trailers all around. I walk through the woods and these small rag dolls hidden about start moving of their own volition. I am terrified by this, and run into a parking lot where there's a big pool table but it's really a lap pool. I jump in, swim a while, the water is murky and glowing with a green light from below. Suddenly somethng feels very, very wrong and I get out of the pool. I look down in the water and see a shape rising from the depths. I stare as it rises to the surface. It is a dead white horse. I scream and run. The rag dolls follow me, and I know that if they catch me I'm dead. (2002-07-20)
posted by yzzordorex on 2002-07-20
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