the killer exodus   I decide to leave on a plane. It's a small,
comfortable commuter plane, with only two rows of
seats. The windows latch open for some reason,
which strikes me as incredibly dangerous. Just
before takeoff, the pilot cautions everyone to
latch their windows shut. Near me, seated in the
back, a scruffy older man quietly refuses to shut
his window, so he can flick his cigarrette ash of
all things! I try politely, coercively,
threateningly to get him to shut his window so
that the plane doesn't depressurize and kill us
all. Finally he relents, and shuts the flimsy

I am quite glad moments later, when the US
Defense department tests out a neutron bomb on
the lake just next to the runway. The mushroom
cloud looks tiny and innocuous bursting its
fierce energy above the forest-lined lake. Thank
goodness those flimsy windows can at least filter
the devestating effects of an atom bomb.

posted by thevisionthing on 2002-09-07
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