strange   I am in a car with many of my friends. I am
sitting in the backseat, and 'L' (who does not
look like her) insists on laying across my lap. We
drive to my apartment (which is not my apartment).
I say goodnight to everyone and leave wanting to
spend the night with 'L'.

I am in a store and 'A' (again, does not look like
her) walks in. A friendly conversation begins, but
I notice two bruises on her neck. It angers me and
I leave. From across the street she asks what's
wrong. I say 'You're not my girlfriend anymore'.
She says 'Don't I look like your girlfriend?'.

'S' and I are about to have sex with a woman. I
notice he's not very interested, and is wearing a
strange glowing baseball cap. I have sex in a
position I've never tried, but carry on a
conversation with 'S'.

My car has two flats and I'm searching for a
garage. I find one, walk in, and tell the
attendent where the car is. He says 'We don't
service private houses'. I leave angry and wind up
in a restaurant. I want to order a beer but the
waitress is preocupied. An argument erupts between
a mother and her son. They are sitting at
different tables, and the son is laughing along
with his friend.

I am a Real World cast member and alone in the
apartment. I make coffee and realize I'm no longer
alone, but take no notice of the other person. A
TV is playing Star Trek TNG, and Cmd Riker is
wearing a weird outfit.

I woke up and thought I should mail 'E' and my
sister, because I've not heard from them in a
week. I was greeted with mails from each. (2002-09-24)

posted by entweichen on 2002-09-24
driving loss sex Recurring character
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