bugs and a watery grave   I'm on the subway, but it's more like a roller coaster, one person per tiny car. It rolls up and down steep hills inside a small, small cement tunnel. My bag is between my feet beneath me. The lights go out. The train stops. I sit in pitch black, wondering when it will move again. The conductor comes on the intercom, apologizing for the delay and explaining that it will be ten or fifteen minutes before we will move. I am filled with dread.

We move again, at high speed, and the lights come back on. I worry that I've lost my wallet and my ATM card, and I can't get a new ATM card without my old one.

Some haze here, I don't remember... I'm at my mother's house, getting dressed. I feel something in my pantleg and shake it, and a spiny, hairy scorpion-like bug falls out. I beat at it, trying to kill it, but it breaks into small pieces and those pieces are animate. Small, hairy bugs scurrying and flailing.

I'm walking in a cemetery. I stop in front of a huge monument; an 8' x 12' slab of weathered granite. A rectangular hole is dug out in front of it, roughly the same size and of unknown depth. It is full of water and another slab is floating in it. I step onto the slab, and begin to sink. Panic. I scramble out, and the monument topples over into the hole, sinking the other slab. They descend quite far beneath the water (but not displacing any water, oddly) and I watch.

Something to do with Matt here, but I've forgotten. (2002-10-18)
posted by yzzordorex on 2002-10-18
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