house   I'm in a rural place. I move into a somewhat isolated house. It's a bit like my childhood home on Meadowridge. Inside is a heavy, black door locked with a keypad combination lock. Inside the room is black, cold, immense, dark. I remember some windows perhaps, high up, permitting some wan light. The room is possessed by some sort of spirit or energy that is malignant.

I don't want to be in the room. I don't want the room in my house. There is some sort of screen, a console, through which the room's presence communicates with me.

There is a party or something - other people around. I'm outside. I forget the room momentarily. [hole in memory] I'm inside, in a bedroom with Stevie. She's laying down and silently angry. I want her. I think I try to touch her and she doesn't respond to me. I have some small console thing through which the room exerts its will. It is displeased, and it wants me to bring her to it. I acquiesce.

Then MK is there, Stevie and I somehow escape the room and leave him to it, sacrifice, and then the room is gone but a long, thin, black cloth-bound book remains.

I think SC and I have sex, but she is inhabited by the presence in the room, her eyes solid black orbs. I wake up, about to scream.

Back to sleep. I'm a little girl, riding my bike with a friend. We're running from something and I carry the black book under my arm. I go through a shop where I buy some chocolate. A child works at
the counter. I pay for the chocolate with pieces of the chocolate, then change my mind an use money instead. I return to my bike and have to ride hard and fast to catch up with my friend.

I skid around a corner and stop in front of an idyllic white house. Big tree in front. An Hispanic man, shirtless, levitates in front of the house with a black wheel burned into his chest and a word that I no longer remember at the top of the wheel. I know he's alerted the Presence to where me and my friend (SC?) are.

I run into the house. I look at the book and feel terror. My father is there. I'm in the foyer. A staircase ascends around the edge of the room. The floor suddenly drops into a pit, a carpeted pit and I'm trapped. Somehow I trick my father - he is now a dwarf - he falls into the pit and I'm outside it, looking down, and he is waist-deep in the floor, being consumed. I throw the black book in (thus restoring the entity to its full power) and it releases the man (no longer my father) from the floor. (2002-10-13)
posted by yzzordorex on 2002-10-13
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