chihuahua   I'm at a show in a cavernous place. Babes In Toyland is on stage, but I don't recognize any of the songs they play. They finish, and Kat Bjelland walks off stage, past me, and down a path into a swamp/bog type place. I follow her and end up on an island that is completely flat and completely paved. In the distance is a building that looks like City College. It continually fades in and out of focus. I'm sitting in a boat on this blacktop with Jon talking about nothing in particular. Two planes descend from the sky, a black and brown chihuahua perched atop each. The planes plunge into the water. Jon and I stop and watch, then continue talking. Then I'm wandering through a department store. As I pass the Clinique counter, I notice that the lotion I use is for sale in gigantic bottles for only $11 each. I stop to buy a bottle, check my wallet for cash, and prepare to pay. The cashier tells me I have to use a credit card. I debate getting more stuff since I won't be running out of cash, then decide it's a ploy to get me to spend more money. (2001-11-28)
posted by yzzordorex on 2001-11-28
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