ominous   AP and I are on a bus/train sort of thing and going toward the edge of a city. As we approach this street where the area goes from populated to industrial the sky gets darker and darker. It is night when we cross that line. We get off, AP gives some guy a fake ticket for some show, the guy says something about Google, and we run away. I almost fall off a dead end
hallway (dead ends in open air above a pile of sweaters on a table in a shop)

Then we're in A's house, its huge, there is a machete on a bench in the hall. A lives alone but there's a naked black woman in the bed and she's really pissed at him for some reason, yelling.

I am paging through photographs A has taken, the woman is in some of them, all the people are cut into pieces and rearranged, skinned. A is gone and I find a little tank with some sort of creature in it - tiny, like the size of a marble, it looks like a seed pod or a burr. It is drowning, so I dump the water out of the tank and make it a little terrarium then I'm at the bottom of a bunch of bleachers and a woman and her child are sitting in front of some sort of apparatus...
waiting for something to happen...

I know they're hooked up to an explosive, and when whatever this thing happens it will detonateso the thing (no idea what) happens, and alllll these people are in these bleachers and I'm right next to them and then they dont explode so I get up and run as fast as I can and make it about half a block away when I hear the explosion and screaming

Back to the little creature in that house, I find it all full of water again and everything broken, I think it is dead but then I hear a little peep of noise and so I fix it all up again and there's a child in a bed in a room at the end of the hall and he wakes up from a nightmare hyperventilating and then he smiles at me and I wake up. (2002-11-20)
posted by yzzordorex on 2002-11-20
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