too many kittens   In a store with a bunch of people. Everything is wet. Water pouring through the ceiling in places. A girl with black hair is wearing a yellow containment suit. Small, black, fuzzy caterpillars are squirming around on the inside of the visor. She notices, starts screaming, and pulls off the helmet, shaking them out.

I'm in a car with Jerry and some other people, going to a wedding I think. I haven't seen him in years and somehow I'm on his lap, kind of rubbing up against him. He gives me a funny look, laughing, as if to say What the hell are you doing?

I'm in a house that just ends, no wall or door, and a long clearing lined by tall trees on either side extends off into the distance. Leaves and petals are swirling in the breeze. The light is alternately warm, yellow and then cold, gray and ominous. I see an enormous cat moving toward me.
It is covered with kittens, hundreds of them, cliging to its back, its belly, its head. The cat is so burdened by these kittens, it looks pained. I want to take them all but I know I'll have nowhere to keep them. (2002-12-14)
posted by yzzordorex on 2002-12-14
cat insects old friend screaming water wedding Recurring place lucid
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