giant crabs rise from the sea   Lots of stuff that I don't remember.

I'm sitting at the edge of the sea, looks like a japanese garden: low hanging trees, lots of grass, rocks, beautiful, serene.

The water begins to roil angrily. The waves rise toward the shore. The others rise and run. I am slow to act. The water crashes on the shore, and I am running. Giant crabs, their backs a foot wide, caused the disturbance and they rush the shore. I run too slowly, and one climbs my leg, pinching my leg painfully (I actually feel this). I tear at it, and in the process of removing it from my body, tear it to pieces. Another catches me, and the same thing happens. I run, the water sinks.

More happens, but I no longer remember. (2002-12-27)
posted by yzzordorex on 2002-12-27
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