ashes   I am in a bar on a pier or cliff. Big windows. I can see the ocean. Something is going on, a man with a microphone is standing in front of the people talking, about what I don't know. It never registered. A man is standing close to me. I turn and talk to him. He says something like

What do I need?

and I say

Another drink.

and I order some rum and coke or black russian and drink it fast. Then I kiss him and we leave together.

Outside in lush woods. A hill in the distance. We thread our way through trees and dense underbrush. There is a clearing, and at the far end of the clearing, a white ranch-style house. I have this man's hand, and I turn to him. He is now a young blonde girl. She pulls her hand away from me and runs toward the house. She tries the door, it opens, she goes inside.

I follow nervously, afraid of the people who live in the house coming home. Inside there are two more young blonde girls huddled in a corner. I hear the a key in the front door, and hide. People enter. They go into another room, and I slip out the way I came in. I see the girl I followed into the house standing by the road. She turns black, turns into ash, and collapses in a powdery heap.

I go pick up one of the larger pieces, and walk to ward the hill in the distance, feeling a deep sense of loss. (2003-08-20)
posted by yzzordorex on 2003-08-20
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