people I don't want to see   I was meeting my best friend before going out for
the night. She told me to meet her at a
restaurant/bar up the street from me. My ex
girlfriend works there.

I walked in and saw my friend. We went to the bar
to have a drink before going out. I saw my ex and
she came over to my side of the bar and kissed
me. She was wearing a shirt that was open down to
her belly button, just barely hiding her nipples.
There was a pimple on one of her breasts.

I noticed this normally very classy bar had
redesigned and now had the entire place decorated
in cheap pressboard kitchen cabinets.

I looked to my best friend to leave, but this guy
we know and we both don't like came in and sat
down beside us. My friend left immediately,
leaving me to deal with this guy.
posted by precid on 2003-08-28
bar best friend breast ex pimple wine Recurring character
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