His Running Shadow   *this dream occured a while ago*

i was driving a bus through some winding dirt
road, and someone was talking about a story of a
kid who would run everywhere who always ran to
this restaurant we stopped at, we asked the guy
cooking the meat on the fire pit thing and he
told us the story.

(it was like a movie, as he said what happened,
it played uot like scenes, like i was there
experiencing it)

He was the only person in his family who could
walk, let alone run, so he took advantage of it
and ran everywhere. but he couldnt walk in front
of his family, so as he ran and he approached
the dirt road the house was on, about a half
mile until the house, he would crawl. so he had
to go out for food one night. bacause a member
of his family was really ill and hadnt eaten
anything for almost a week, and there was
nothing in the house.

so he ran to this restaurant (where we were
eating). got food, and carried it back to his
house and like usual, half a mile before his
house, he crawled.

The food, carried in his mouth like a dog.

coming the opposite direction, was a speeding
car, The man in the car kept looking at the girl
that was with him, as he reached over to kiss
her, he caught a glimpse of a person in the road
face in the headlights, and fear in his eyes.

all he heard was a thud. and the sound of
himself slamming on the brakes.

the boy laying there with an in existant head.
just pieces of bloody, exploded meat. where his
head should be.

noone saw him for 2 weeks.

when they found his body, they went to his
house, noone came to the door, but there was a
bag of food on the porch.

so the guy finished the small details of the
story, as i walked out back to the bus, i saw
this black figure run between houses in the
distance, it almost looked like he was wearing a
scarf. running really fast and fading to
invisibility as he made it between the homes.

i just ignored it.

but it seemed to almost haunt me.

so i guess it was the next day, we drove back on
the same road, we were lost and we had to keep
turning around. and finally we found something
that was familiar. it was the restaurant.

i refused to go in.

so later that night, we all were sitting around
talking like we used to do when i was a kid.
so my cousins car was there sitting by itself,
with music playing. he was holding his daughter
on his lap (he dosent even have a daughter) and
everyone else in my family was there sitting in
a circle talking. i walk around to sit down too,
it was odd that they all were still sitting
around talking it was almost complete night. but
as i walk around to sit with them.

i see that black figure, running, just on the
other side of the chain link fence. this time
with a stick and he was screaming. not just a
scream a shrill scream that rung and resonated
in your ears to the point of almost deafness.

i saw that and heard that, i fell to my knees,
screaming, yelling about how im going insane,
and i needed help, i crawled over to my mom, but
she ignored me, i buried my face in her so i
would have to see anything i closed my eyes, and
started pleading with her to take me away,
to get me help because my brain isnt right, i
was losing my mind, and i needed to get away.

she just ignored me, and all she would say, '
thats what HE said all of the time.'
so i finally stood up, and explained what i saw,
and i explained the stick, how he had it this
time, but not last time.

and my cousin looked at me and asked me what it
looked like.

and i said, 'it was kind of like a cane, it
looked like it anyways.'and she replied, 'no, it
wasnt a cane, its a sharpened stick, so he can
pick dead vermin up off of the street he hated
seeing dead thigs in the road.'

I freaked out and ran into the house, my cousins
radio was still playing.

i walked into the living room, and everyone that
was outside was now inside, laying down, on the
couch on the floor, on the TV, on the coffee

i just started screaming and jumping on them,
and they fell apart like porcelin.

posted by erenecs on 2004-01-01
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