jar of wetas   There is a large jar of pickles in the window in the bathroom. The bathroom is my mother's bathroom. I notice that the lid of the jar is not closed properly, but is rather half on, half off and there are giant grasshopper-like things, wetas maybe, and they're black and covered with small whitish bumps crawling around in the pickles, crawling out of the jar and on to the spiderplant that is hanging near the window.

Kelly is there, she's walking down some stairs behind me, I look back at her and she's smiling, lauging, and kicking these big silver rings that she has on her toes at me. I catch some, none of them fit on my fingers.

There is a tree growing in the living room, the floor is earth and it's wet. I tell her to cut it down because it takes up too much room. She refuses, and I chase her around and hit her with things, she cries, she bleeds.

Dave, with whom I used to work, arrives and asks Marc (another former co-worker) if he can borrow some money. A lot of money. Marc gives it to him and he has to repay it within an hour or else ... Time passes, I see Dave outside and Marc has morphed into Alec and is now beating Dave's head in with an old electrolux vacuum nozzle.

I run down flight after flight of stairs to get away, they sort of spiral down the center of the house, and every floor is the same; same people, same bloody mess. As I run, the tree decays more and more and the living room is filled with mud and crawling wetas

and then a rectangular wooden box is on the ground in front of the tree and there is an old woman inside, not really, but I know she's in there, and I'm waiting for her to die. (2004-02-12)
posted by yzzordorex on 2004-02-12
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