o_O?   I had this dream, I was hanging out, and my dad
asked whether I wanted to go shopping. I
said 'sure.' Then I heard the bell ring. I was
like 'Holy crap! I'm going to miss school!' So
ran, I ran the normal route I did to go to
school, then I was suddenly on the edge of a
cliff, and the school was far beyond, and below
the cliff. Right at the bottom of the cliff, my
parents were arguing, and I Jumped off to get to
school. And i was falling, and I dearly regretted
it. Its was kind of an 'oops, you just screwed
up.' The last thing I remembered was my dad
trying to catch me... And I woke up violently
jerking, sort of kicking. Its like mixed
interpetations, so weird... (2004-02-29)
posted by Hurt_dreams on 2004-02-29
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