Lost in Space   i was an astronaut sitting in a space shuttle on a
lauch pad. there were beeps and blips and people
talking in that space-blast-off-voice. i was
dressed in a bathing suit and all the other people
were fully decked out in 2001stylee.. I kept
giving people thumbs up and they all looked at me
in fear. i had this see thru plastic bubble thru
which i could see into my abdomen. there was a
small fetus looking thing squirming around in this
pink sac in my belly that kept squirting just out
of view.

we took off but were flying upside and parallel
with the ground but going up at super speeds. we
began orbiting the earth. My ears drums then
exploded like a fountain. I kept asking for help
but nobody did anything.. they just looked in my
direction. I noticed they had no eyes. The fetus
in my belly hatched violently out of my throat and
sat on my lap. It looked like a salamader with
wings. Hazy hazy..

Last thing i remember was trying to stuff my
esophagus back into place and then all the other
astronauts got up and floated out into space,
leaving me there. I couldnt yell or move anymore. (2004-03-02)
posted by plasmOtron on 2004-03-02
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