frog   I'm at my mother's house. She's giving me live frogs to eat. I decide to keep one and put it in a bowl and go into the bathroom to put a little water in the bowl and the frog jumps into the sink and goes down the drain. I'm frantic, I pull the pipes out from under the sink and unscrew joint after joint until I come to a large chamber and I unscrew that one and find the dead frog and tons and tons of my old clothes, wet and hot.

I put the sink back together and leave. Drive to LC's house at the end of Cascade, where it really is, but instead of the neighborhood it's the middle of nowhere. I see a silver VW, one of the new ones, parked outside. Don't see LC, but run into TK instead and it's awkward; I keep wanting to apologize. (2004-04-19)
posted by yzzordorex on 2004-04-19
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