the trial   I'm awaiting trial for murder. The court date is tomorrow. I'm staying with the family of the girl killed... it happened when I was 19, some other woman and I shot this little girl in the head and then cut her up.

I'm floating in the ocean with my accomplice on a flimsy piece of plastic that looks like a yoga mat. I can't remember what we're talking about. She's uninteresting, and I can't trust her. I pull the mat out from under her and she still floats. The waves are chopy, and the water is black. There is a third person out there, but I can't remember who.

I'm back at the home of the dead girl. Her parents are watching a video of the murder. My accomplice shoots her in the head, but the bullet goes around the outside of her skull, tearing her scalp open but not killing her. I watch myself cut her with a razor until she dies. They turn off the video and turn and look at me, smiling. I don't remember doing any of that. I lock myself in the bathroom and find I'm covered in blood. I get in the shower with my clothes on and watch it run down the drain. (2004-07-17)
posted by yzzordorex on 2004-07-17
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