bloodclot oracle   outside in a wooded area, 70's era standard siding/shingle one story small house. notice large blockage in back of throat, cough/vomit up massive bloodclots. look at the largest ones, break one apart and there's highly detailed symbols on them, some familiar, some not, most with no apparent meaning given the context. aimee appears and grabs the ones with symbols and takes them inside to a room with a steel examining table.

'these are fresh?'
'yeah, man.. i just felt them grow out of nowhere.. they didn't come from my stomach, it's like they slipped in sideways into my esophagus. pure hell getting them out'
aimee goes around photographing and documenting symbols.
'you have to remember these'
wake up. (2004-07-28)
posted by shi10 on 2004-07-28
! The symbolism is pretty obvious, and a funny metaphor for this very project! I think I'm going to have to name a song or something "bloodclot oracle".
- yzzordorex on 2004-08-02
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