The Boy   I have a friend, we'll call him Peter. I have an
enormous crush on him, but he's very far away and
there's nothing I can do about it for the moment.

In my dream, I am sitting in a chair and Peter is
standing nearby. I say:

I have a hypothetical question. The only reason
I'm asking this is because there's a follow-up
question. You have to understand that this isn't
something I MEAN, but just a hypothetical
situation... I have to ask you a question.

And he said 'Go for it'

So I said:

If I wanted to give you a blowjob, would you let

And he said 'Sure'

And I said:

Okay, so the follow up question is...

then I woke up. (2001-11-30)
posted by katesarah on 2001-11-30
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