Lost in a Different City -Closet Train   This was the heaviest dream I have had in a long time - my description leaves alot of it out.
The dream begins something like this:

I am walking with Sarah and we see 2 dogs, one is a black and white pit bull. The pit bull attacks me - I fight it, not afraid of him too much I hold his jaw open and grab his collar - instead of just letting him go I decide to take him home with us, so I tightly grab his collar nearly choking him. When we get home I put him in a wooden box to hold him - I had somehow reduced his collar into a piece of wire that is now wrapped around his neck.

Our house has become a movie set. Film workers are milling around and I realize that I am also working on the film as a set dresser. The film is in progress of moving to a new location. My friends Matt and Larry are doing sound on the film and I see them briefly as we relocate to a house on Church Street. There are alot of people working on the film, it is around 3:00am now and the sky and clouds are lit well by the nearly full moon. There are people watching the filming, and film workers are climbing all over this one house, I jump off the roof at one point and am asked by a woman (my boss) to take a tapestry inside of a duffle bag to the next location across the street, 316 Church Street. I walk across the street but there is no building at that location. I see a small corner store in the next block and walk towards it - as I walk a car is racing towards the store down the street. I quickly move out of its way behind a tree. The car stops tight against the store so that I have to walk out into the street to get around it - this is a weird car, it is made out of metal wood and plexiglass, sort of like a back porch deck on wheels, I comment to the driver who is now exiting the store, 'All you need is a hot tub on that thing and you're good to go.' This didn't get a response. I enter the store to ask about the non-existant house at 316 Church Street - The lady inside behind the counter says ' It was a typo - some lady came in and I over heard her say that the address is 324 Princess Street.'

I return across the street and go looking for my boss, still carring the bag with the tapestry. Almost everyone has left to go to the new location.
I head over to where I parked my car thinking that I'm really going to be tired tomorrow at my day job after working on this film all night. I find my car and two people are inside, a guy and girl who are working on the film. The girl says she is going to walk to the next location which is about 12 blocks away. I said 'that's insane, I'm driving I'll give you a ride if you want'. The girl leaves and I drive off with the guy. As I'm driving I realize that I'm not in control of my car very well, it is raining and I'm having a hard time stopping at the intersections. I eventually crash the car into a nightclub named 'Poodles'.

My car and passenger are okay, and we are able to get out of the crash scene by driving through the front door of the club. The guy riding with me decides to walk the rest of the way. I am now lost, I think I recognize the roads, but it is all so different. I end up on a freeway, which turns into a parking lot. Trying to turn around in the parking lot I get the car stuck on some stumps, and decide to park it and get out.

I walk towards and into a building, it is a large dormitory or hospital. All the people inside are women and I decide to leave and go outside. I sit on the steps of the building and start getting sad as I realize that the city I am in is not the one I thought I was in.

There are huge skyscrapers in the distance. The sun is starting to rise now, I see a car pull up and a man and woman get out and start to enter the building. The man is Robin Williams, and the woman I assume is his wife. I stop Robin before he enters the building.
I say 'excuse me, but I need help - I'm lost, the city is different I almost think this is a dream but it can't be'. The grass was so real, there were drops of dew on it, the sky was brilliant blue with a rising sun, it was a beautiful day. I ask Robin if he could help me, help me get home. I asked him if he was a doctor, his wife kinda chuckled, and he said well, sort of. The building was a home for troubled girls.
Robin decided to help me get home, My car was out in the parking lot, my pockets were empty - I had been carrying some cigarettes, cell phone, and keys. I really wanted a cigarette - I was stressing hard at this point. I still had the duffle bag with the tapestry in it, determined to get to the set and do my job.

Robin led me to his car, It was a big ole 1960's beast of a car, dusty gray/black. He drove out of the parking lot down the street. I sensed that he knew where and what he was doing - almost as if others had asked him for the same kind of help. as we went barreling down the road he swerves off the edge of the road as I'm buckling my seatbelt. The shoulder of the road is about a 30 foot drop down to another road, and he drives the car at a 90 degree angle on the verticle wall then the car levels out on the road below. It felt like we were going to crash but we didn't.

Up ahead on the road is a tunnel under a huge bridge - instead of going through the tunnel Robin makes the car fly above the bridge barley missing power lines and the bridge towers. We land on another road beyond the bridge - this felt like a 'secret' road, some sort of 'inbetween worlds' kind of road. We get out of the car and Robin hustles me towards a train station type of platform - along the way I see some people sitting under the overpass of a road that passes above us. Robin has purchased some tickets from 'the ticket booth' which is just a small bar-like structure out in the open. He has to leave a knife he was carrying on the counter. Before we went any further I said 'I thought I saw someone I know back there, can I go look?' Robin said 'Yes, but hurry the train is leaving'. I run back past the ticket booth, and find this girl I thought I recognized - but I didn't recogize her at all, so I hurry back to the 'train'.

The train is not a train but more of a big box the size of a large closet. There are people inside - all standing with their backs to one wall. I am told to stand like them and to hold on, 'it will be a bumpy ride' someone says. Robin disappears at this point he's in the train but I don't see him, the door to the train closes and immediately we start to fall backwards, like turbulence in an airliner but worse. The falling shifts toward the other wall then the floor, I mimic what the others are doing, basically crouching and hanging on for dear life.

The train stops and the doors open - the door is now a sliding glass door, and we all walk out. We are walking through the back door of some sort of artist's warehouse - two big guys, artists, smile at me, and I stare at them almost as if I know them. We walk to the front of the building I feel like I am back in my city - I see some familiar thing outside the front doors - it is still pre-dawn outside. I leave the building and I know I am back where I want to be because all of my stuff is in my pockets except my pack of cigarettes, I'm jonesin' for a cigarette now.

Outside I see people unloading groceries from a car, it's some friends of mine Micheal and Marlissa They have an older daughter who looks just like Marlissa. They seem happy and so am I. I help them unload some groceries from the trunk of their car - but I accidentally drop the bag with the eggs in it too hard and I break a few eggs - I reach into the bag and pull out part of the egg container, one of the cardboard pointy things that separates the eggs. As I walk towards the front of the car I see their son Uli playing and I toss him the cardboard pointy thing which turned into an ice-ceam cone. He smiled and I was on my way.

I remember my car and start to look for it in the pre-dawn light. I make out the basic shape of it in the parking lot and walk over to it. I feel a sense of dread as I reach to open the door - I kind of groan a miserable groan and my vision starts to blur. The door is unlocked and I open the door. I'm going for my pack of cigarettes which I hope is in the center console of the car. Instead I see that my car now has two steering wheels and there is a little multicolored purse and jacket in the drivers side floorboard, there is also another blue plastic like coat in the floorboard. I quickly reach into the center console and grab the two jackets and purse and start to walk away - realizing that I am still in a completely diffent city.

Then I woke up. (2004-08-11)
posted by deel on 2004-08-11
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