tornado   I'm in Japan [but not Japan, looks more like Prague] with AB and we're in this underground train station. This part is hazy. Something about an underground river, traffic, an army.

Then we're at my father's old house, upstairs in my old room. One wall is covered with roaches. I spray them with roach spray and they fall off the walls. Some fall behind the baseboard and I can't get them out. AB is there. I go into the other room and LK is making the bed. I look out the window and see a tornado tearing through the yard.

Then the window is a TV and the tornado plows through this woodpile. A man has a large wedge of wood embedded in his left thigh. A white horse stands nearby. A woman goes toward it and pulls something sticking out of the horse's right foreleg/chest - she pulls and pulls and it keeps coming and coming, looking like she's pulling the bone of the leg out. Finally she gets the whole thing loose and its an entire table.

I begin to tell AB about what I've seen. Two people about my age enter the room - a man and a woman. I introduce myself, and apoligize for having a sticky hand. [No idea why it is sticky.] The girl looks a little like Juliette Landau. She pauses after shaking my hand and looks intently at me. Says, 'Remember when your cat peed on my skirt? It's been fifteen years!' and I recognize her and her brother as people I met in my childhood; her brother is someone I had a crush on. I think to myself, 'I was 19 then?' even though that's four years off.

LK tells me she has a lot of alcohol on hand for the party and some meth, but this she whispers. (2004-11-11)
posted by yzzordorex on 2004-11-11
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